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PBS // Space Time

We created and produce Space Time, a global science phenomenon with more than 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube. With host and writer Matt O'Dowd, we've released 75+ hours of in-depth explanation of astrophysics and quantum mechanics, reaching 300 million viewers worldwide. 

OpenAI // DALL·E 2

We collaborated with OpenAI to create a rich explanation of DALL·E 2, an AI model that generates photorealistic imagery from human text input. We used a sleek and minimalist approach to put the AI's brilliant results front and center. This video is a great example of how technical ideas can build comprehension with elegance and accuracy. 

PBS // Stellar

PBS asked us to produce a six part mini-series to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. With science educators Diana Cowern (Physics Girl), Matt O'Dowd (PBS Space Time), and Joe Hanson (Be Smart), we traveled to observatories on top of Hawaiian mountains and to subterranean gravitational wave detectors to discover the cutting edge of astrophysics. It was a thrill to direct exciting cinematography and unique graphics to tell the story.

AMC // Physics of Games

AMC approached us to produce a four part mini-series to accompany the launch of a new combat themed show. We pitched a collaboration with science educator Jake Roper (VSauce3) to explore the physics of fighting games. Episodes were written with a PhD physicist to ensure accuracy. It was a wonderful opportunity to blend exciting animation with high-energy video to create a very fun exploration of physics. 

YPO // Gravitational Waves

The Angeleno Gold Chapter of the Young Presidents' Organization invited us to create an hour-long presentation about one of the most important physics discoveries of the last century: gravitational waves. The goal was to connect the spirit and process inherent in scientific discovery with the similar skill sets required in entrepreneurialism. To tell the story we developed a series of visuals to explain the decades long scientific journey, including the essential physics behind the elusive waves: Einstein's theory of relativity. 

YouTube // Mobile Ads

We worked with YouTube to tell the story of the importance of mobile video advertising for the largest global brands. We directed interviews in New York and Los Angeles with leaders from the country's top brands and ad agencies. Paired with creative animation, the video walks the viewer through the data stories and insightful anecdotes that convinced these industry leaders to radically rethink their advertising for a mobile era.  

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